Does UV lamp really dry nail polish?

The use of LED lamps or nail lamps is becoming increasingly popular for quickly drying nail polish. But do LED or UV lamps actually dry the polish? Let's find out.

Why is my nail polish not drying?

Drying nail polish can sometimes be a real headache, but a LED nail polish lamp can be effective. However, with the variety of LED lamps or nail polish lamps available, it can be confusing. If the nail polish doesn't dry, there are likely specific reasons such as:

- Applying too many thick layers of polish.
- Choosing the wrong lamp to dry regular nail polish.
- Using a lamp with insufficient power to accelerate the drying process.

It is therefore advisable to use a lamp that is compatible with the type of nail polish being used. The UV/LED lamp seems to be effective in drying:

- Semi-permanent polishes.
- Gel nail polishes.
- Permanent polishes.

What Nail Polishes Can be Used with a UV Lamp?

UV lamps are an excellent choice for drying nail polish quickly. They are available in professional nail dryers or in the form of LED lamps. When it comes to choosing the right nail polish for UV lamps, it is recommended to opt for either a UV lamp or a LED lamp. Both types of lamps are compatible with different types of nail polishes, although UV lamps are particularly suitable for semi-permanent polishes. It is important to note that there is a difference between UV lamps and LED lamps, as UV lamps take longer to dry the polish compared to LED lamps.

To dry gel polish, there are several tricks you can try:

- Apply olive or coconut oil.
- Use a top coat.
- Use a professional nail dryer.
- Use a LED or UV gel lamp.

You can also use a fan nail dryer to speed up the drying process of gel polish.

UV Lamp vs LED Lamp: What's the Difference?

Does UV lamp really dry nail polish?

There is indeed a difference between UV and LED lamps. The main difference is in the drying time of the nail polish. A UV lamp takes 2 minutes to dry the nail polish, while an LED lamp only takes 30 seconds. Additionally, it is important to note that a UV lamp not only dries but also hardens semi-permanent nail polishes.

What type of nail polish for UV lamps?

The UV lamp is a device used for drying nail polish. However, not all types of nail polish are suitable for this UV or LED nail lamp. When it comes to UV lamps, semi-permanent polish can be used with any device, whether it is a UV or LED lamp. Semi-permanent polishes dry quickly with UV lamps due to the heat emitted by the lamp's light.

Can you use regular nail polish under a UV lamp?

Under a UV lamp, nail polishes dry faster. However, it is not necessary to dry your regular nail polish under the lamp as it dries quickly on its own. You can let it air dry. On the other hand, you can use an LED nail lamp. Unlike a UV nail lamp, an LED nail lamp is much more efficient. This lamp can quickly dry your regular nail polish as it has a ventilation system.

Why isn't my UV lamp drying?

The UV lamp is effective for drying nails after applying semi-permanent polish. However, it may not be able to dry permanent polish. This drying device is mainly suitable for semi-permanent polish. Additionally, you should also check the power of the UV lamp, which should be high, starting from 24 LEDs or 48 Watts. If the power of your nail lamp is low, it will not be able to dry the polish properly.

To determine if you have a UV lamp or an LED lamp, it is important to understand the difference between the two types of nail dryers:

UV Lamp: It uses UV waves with a wavelength of approximately 350 nm to cure UV gel.
LED Lamp: This portable lamp has a power range of 24 to 36 W and emits waves at 365 nm to cure semi-permanent polishes.

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