The Essential Guide to Anti-Aging Creams: What You Need to Know

Anti-Wrinkle Cream: Does It Work? The Whole Truth

Wrinkles are a common concern for those who want to maintain a youthful appearance. Thankfully, anti-wrinkle creams are here to help alleviate the issue. But do they really work?

Are Anti-Wrinkle Creams Suitable for Younger Skin?

First truth: Anti-wrinkle creams are not necessary until a certain age when your skin starts showing deeper signs of aging. Teenagers' skin only needs to stay well hydrated to delay the appearance of expression lines. Before 25-30 years old, a moisturizer will suffice. From the age of 30, however, the first signs of aging start to appear and it is good to start complementing your skincare routine with anti-aging products to prevent and delay skin dullness and loss of firmness. From the age of 40, depending on the health of your own skin, anti-aging creams designed for mature skin can be an asset.

Do normal moisturizers work for mature skin?

No, a moisturizer is not the same as an anti-aging cream. While a moisturizer helps prevent the skin from drying out by superficially nourishing it, anti-aging creams for mature skin are specifically formulated to stimulate skin cell activity and improve skin radiance, uneven texture, and loss of firmness. These creams contain more concentrated hydrating agents and also target wrinkles and facial contours. In addition to creams, there are also serums, eye and lip emulsions, cleansers, and masks that use elastic substances, regeneration complexes, and high levels of nutrients.

Do They Eliminate Wrinkles?

The Essential Guide to Anti-Aging Creams: What You Need to Know

Anti-aging creams cannot stop the aging process, as it is influenced by genetic factors, personal lifestyle, and the environment. However, these creams can visibly reduce the signs of aging by combining natural properties (such as active ingredients extracted from plants) with scientific advancements that deeply stimulate cell regeneration. They can also effectively lighten skin imperfections (such as hyperpigmentation), smooth out expression lines, and combat the gradual loss of skin firmness.

Do I need to use a lot of products?

There are specific products for different needs such as day and night creams, masks, exfoliators, serums, and toners. Combining these products can be more effective than using just one. When it comes to anti-aging creams, they are not only suited for different times of the day but also for different stages of life. The general rule is that if a cream improves the hydration, elasticity, and firmness of your skin and you continue to see benefits, there is no need to switch. However, if it becomes too oily or causes discomfort, it may be time to try other products that are more suitable for that specific stage of life.

The Effective Cosmetics

In anti-aging dermo-cosmetics, vitamin C is commonly used because it has spectacular effects on the skin. It not only fights the toxicity of free radicals, but it also enhances the effects of other antioxidants like vitamin E. Vitamin C can combat oxidative stress, which is responsible for skin sagging, dryness, and deep wrinkles. As we age, our skin's natural ability to produce antioxidants declines, making creams and serums with vitamin C beneficial in fighting aging, especially photo-induced aging. Another characteristic of vitamin C is its ability to repair micro-damage in the skin and stimulate collagen synthesis.

What products do we recommend to achieve a powerful effect?

The anti-aging day cream in the Sesderma range, Sesderma C-Vit moisturizing face cream 50ml, is enriched with exclusive complexes that complement vitamin C and E, for renewed skin. Autumn is a transitional period and, in addition to beauty benefits, it is recommended to include vitamin-rich foods in your diet to ward off seasonal discomfort. Foods that are high in vitamin C include pumpkin, carrots, kiwis, oranges and clementines, broccoli and Brussels sprouts, and peppers. You can also add spinach and arugula to this list. Enjoy your meal and enjoy youthful skin. Image source: Pixabay.

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