The Forward Fade: The Trendy Hairstyle You Need to Try

About ten years ago, the hair gradient was considered boring and outdated. Nowadays, transitioning to various types of gradients is essential. They create a play of shadow and light and allow individuals to express their personality. Hairdressers and stylists constantly come up with new innovations, including the gradient in the front of the hair.

Who is the graduated haircut suitable for?

The popularity of graduated haircuts has grown significantly in recent years, with both men and women embracing this versatile style. Regardless of hair type or length, anyone can rock a graduated haircut. However, the intensity of the gradient can vary depending on individual preferences and the condition of the hair. Whether opting for a subtle or dramatic gradient, there are numerous variations of this trendy and glamorous style that can be tailored to suit different hair textures. One popular variation is the forward gradient, as showcased on

What is a forward hair gradient?

The forward fade technique is a combination of the One Length cut technique at the back and the forward framing fade at the front. This haircut features medium length hair on the sides, while the hair on top is left longer and styled forward. The result is a natural movement that feels comfortable. If your hair naturally falls forward, you don't need to add any products. However, if you need some extra hold, a small amount of wax can keep the movement in place throughout the day and add a touch of allure to the style.

With the forward fade haircut, there is also the option to enhance a side part, creating a clear separation between the top and bottom of the hairstyle. This may make the style appear less natural, more like a fringe. However, this haircut still maintains a modern and trendy look.

For men, the forward fade haircut is one of the most popular styles. The temples are shaved, but unlike the Viking haircut, the longer strands on the top of the head are brought forward.

Forward Hair Fade and Different Hair Types

The Forward Fade: The Trendy Hairstyle You Need to Try

Short and Layered Haircuts

The technique of forward hair gradient can be achieved with short hair, as long as it is long enough to create movement in the front. Most short cuts are layered to distribute volume evenly and avoid a bulky look. For more pronounced styles, the forward gradient effect can be maximized. Adding trendy accessories of your choice will only enhance the hairstyle.

Forward Fade with Curly Hair and Fashion

Many people used to feel uncomfortable with their curly hair because it always looked messy. The forward-swept curly hair fade brings a natural aspect to this messy style that is more than just trendy. It maintains a "styled messy" look, as the hair is not combed forward.

Thin Hair

When it comes to fine hair, the gradient should be subtle to avoid ending up with thin and unattractive ends. However, it can be clever to delicately create a gradient on the top and front of the head to add volume to the hair and make it more fashionable.

And what about thick hair?

When it comes to thick hair, it's easy to create a more simple and consistent gradient, in order to avoid excessive and difficult-to-manage volume. However, what is currently most popular is a well-executed forward gradient that lightens and distributes the volume and mass of the hair more evenly.

Final Thoughts

The forward hair gradient trend remains popular whether you have short, long, curly, or any other hair type. To add a touch of glamour and personality, hairstylists have introduced some interesting and innovative variations, sometimes in combination with a well-structured beard. Regardless of your style, you will certainly find the forward hair gradient cut that aligns with your desires and hair type.

Does the fade suit everyone?

Curly gradient hair has become a trendy style, with men sporting this look everywhere you turn. The forward white gradient is particularly popular, and both men and women can pull off curly or wavy gradients. However, it's important to consider certain factors when opting for a forward gradient hairstyle. These include the hair type, face shape, hair length, and the specific style of the forward gradient. Getting a gradient haircut for men is recommended if you want to add volume and shape to your hair. A professional stylist can determine the best type of medium or faded white gradient that suits your face shape.

The trend of the white front gradient is still going strong. It is possible to achieve this curly hair gradient hairstyle at home. Gradients are easy to do at home as long as you have the right tools and skillful hands:

1. Divide the hair horizontally into two parts.
2. Tie back the back part of the hair.
3. Bring the front part forward onto the face.

You can finally achieve the desired medium white gradient or the forward gradient.

Does the gradient haircut add volume to your hair?

The gradient is a perfect solution for men's hair. Gradient cuts add volume to those who need it. You can have strands of different lengths, creating more volume for curly graduated hair. Forward haircuts are trendy for those with fragile and porous hair. To determine if a gradient is ideal for men's hair, it is necessary to consult a professional hairdresser. Generally, forward gradient haircuts will suit all face types.

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