Top Hair Trends of 2021: Discover the Hottest Haircuts

Hair is so important that it is often mentioned first when describing a person. Having a good haircut has many benefits. Adopting a new hairstyle can boost confidence, uplift mood, and make one feel beautiful. It can also signify a fresh start. What are the trendy haircuts for 2021? Let's explore a few in this article.

What are the trendy female hairstyles in 2021?

Fashion is constantly evolving, and this includes hairstyles. In 2021, there are several trendy haircuts that people can consider.

The Pixie Haircut

La coupe Pixie Geldof, lancée par le mannequin éponyme, est une coupe de cheveux courte avec une base courte à l'arrière et une longue mèche dégradée à l'avant de la tête. Pour maintenir cette coupe, il est recommandé de se rendre régulièrement chez le coiffeur pour la rafraîchir. Pour ajouter de la texture, l'utilisation d'une cire peut créer un effet coiffé/décoiffé.

The Bubble Ponytail: A Trendy Hairstyle in 2021

The "bubble" ponytail, which was popular a few years ago, is making a comeback. To create this hairstyle, you simply need multiple hair ties that are placed evenly along the length of the ponytail.

Long Hair with Short Bangs: A Trendy Hairstyle for 2021

A short fringe is a stylish haircut that combines the classic look of long hair with a modern twist. It looks great when paired with updos or braids, and you can customize the thickness of the bangs based on your hair type and desired look. This haircut also allows for versatility and can be easily adapted to different styles.

Trending Bob Haircuts for Fall-Winter

The bob is the must-have haircut of this season, available in various versions to suit all face shapes and ages. The bob can also be worn with a pronounced gradient to create effects of mass and volume, particularly enhancing curly or wavy hair.

The Bob Haircut

The bob haircut is the perfect choice for those with medium-length hair. Whether it's short or shoulder-length, the bob is a tousled cut that frames your face stylishly.

Why should you consider getting a new haircut?

Top Hair Trends of 2021: Discover the Hottest Haircuts

While some women change their hairstyle just to be fashionable, getting a haircut has enormous benefits. It saves time and boosts morale. Additionally, it:
- Is easy to maintain.
- Is easy to accessorize.
- Is good for self-confidence, etc.

Ideas for curly haircuts for women

The short haircut: Curly hair on a short cut looks amazing. More volume is left on top of the head and less on the sides to be able to change styles every day.
The short bob: It reveals the nape and gives a sexy aspect to the hairstyle.
Long hair: Wearing very long curly hair gives a maxi volume with a 70s style.
The bun: Easy and quick to do, it's the chic trick to style curly hair. Simple and very effective.

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