Say goodbye to dust with built-in manicure vacuum!

Taking care of nails is a relaxing and enjoyable moment for both women and men. However, when it comes to filing, this pleasure often turns into a nightmare. The dust produced during this process tends to irritate us. We end up being bombarded by a considerable amount of debris from our nails, sometimes causing sneezing. Additionally, the entire workspace and hands are covered in dust, which is neither glamorous nor hygienic.

With the extremely powerful built-in vacuum with 4 fans from O'xéss nails systems, this discomfort becomes a distant memory. This device will completely change your life and the way you take care of your nails.

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Huge Space Saving

Say goodbye to dust with built-in manicure vacuum!

There are various types of manicure vacuum cleaners available on the market, such as portable ones with dust collection bags. However, these vacuum cleaners can take up a lot of space on your desk, which can be problematic considering the number of tools used for nail care. This is where the powerful built-in 4-fan vacuum cleaner offered on comes in handy.

By being installed directly onto your workspace, this built-in vacuum cleaner eliminates the issue of clutter. All you need to do is create a hole in your work surface, mount the device on your table, install it, plug it in, and you're good to go. With dimensions of 61 x 28 x 7 cm, it can fit into any corner you desire. It is attached underneath the table, so you or your clients will only see the 15 cm suction hole. Whether you're a professional manicurist or an enthusiast, this is the ideal vacuum cleaner for you. Furthermore, once you're done with your nails, you won't have to worry about storing it, saving you time and space.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, the O'xéss Nails Systems' powerful built-in 4-fan vacuum cleaner also features a double filter system that can be easily removed: a standard filter and an activated charcoal filter, ensuring unparalleled cleanliness.

Visit the O'xéss Nails Systems website to learn more about this life-changing vacuum cleaner.

Optimal Power

The powerful built-in nail vacuum with 4 fans lives up to its name by providing unmatched power while remaining invisible. With a power output of 48W, this device is capable of running all 4 fans at full speed, with 2 fans on each side. This level of power is suitable for a variety of users, from large salons to small businesses to individuals who enjoy doing their own manicures at home. Regardless of the setting, everyone can enjoy a hassle-free manicure experience and indulge in the pleasure it brings. Despite its power, this vacuum operates on a standard 220-240V power supply, making it compatible with any household. There's no need to worry – simply order the extremely powerful built-in nail vacuum with 4 fans and treat yourself to a salon-worthy manicure.

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