Master the Art of Beard Trimming: 3 Essential Tips for the Perfect Grooming Routine

If you're growing a beard and want to know how to trim it properly on your own, here are 3 tips to help you maintain your look and achieve that fresh-from-the-barber appearance.

Waiting for it to grow long enough

Before wanting to trim your beard correctly, there is one basic rule that all bearded men know: you have to wait long enough before touching it. This may seem like a simple advice, but most men who go to the barber for the first time have too little length. Therefore, there is not enough material to achieve a nice trim and give it an impeccable style.

Note: Where some barbers, the most honest ones, will tell you that they can't do anything and will advise you to come back in a few weeks, others will rush to grab their clippers and ruin your chances of having a beautiful beard by trimming it haphazardly.

Unless you want to wear a 3-day beard, where a simple pass with the clippers set to a 2-millimeter guard is enough, I advise you to wait several months before doing anything. Ideally, you should not touch your beard for at least 2 months.

To make the wait bearable and avoid itching, start using beard oil in the morning and evening. This cosmetic will, among other things, moisturize your skin and prevent you from scratching every 5 minutes. This is the number one cause of giving up.

Pour 2 drops into your hand, warm the oil by gently rubbing it, and apply the product to your beard while massaging it. Repeat the process in the morning and evening for the most sensitive or irritated skin. This simple gesture will allow you to calmly go through the first weeks of growth, which are the most difficult to endure.

Cleaning before trimming

Master the Art of Beard Trimming: 3 Essential Tips for the Perfect Grooming Routine

Before starting your first trim, it's important to clean your beard thoroughly. Just like hair, you shouldn't trim dirty beard hair. Throughout the day, without even realizing it, you have probably touched your beard numerous times. Not to mention any food residue that may be stuck between your lower lip and chin. Beards can get dirty quickly, resulting in greasy, dirty, and tangled hair. To clean your beard before trimming, use a shampoo specifically designed for beards. Whether it's a liquid or solid shampoo, it will be less harsh than regular hair shampoo while still effectively cleaning your beard. Lastly, make sure to dry your beard properly before trimming, as trimming wet hair is not recommended.

Don't Forget About the Mustache

The mustache is an integral part of the beard, and it's often overlooked by many bearded individuals. Unless you want to grow a Garibaldi mustache, my advice is to give it as much attention as the rest of your beard.

The biggest mistake you can make is letting it grow too long to the point where it covers your upper lip. Not only is this inconvenient (try eating or drinking with it, and you'll understand), but it's also not very aesthetically pleasing.

For those who want to grow a mustache, let the ends grow while trimming the center. Make sure the hairs never cover your upper lip.

For others, use a trimmer (or scissors for the brave ones) and trim it down. It's okay to have a slightly shorter mustache compared to the rest of your beard. It won't ruin your look, but it will make your daily routine easier.

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