10 Essential Clothing Pieces for Nailing the Bohemian Chic Look

Some may say that the bohemian look is making a comeback, but in reality, this style has always been present. Simple yet elegant, the boho style has the versatility to adapt to the changing seasons, which is one of the reasons why it is so beloved.

While the look may seem effortless, it is crucial to know how to select the right clothing pieces, or else you may miss the mark on achieving the perfect boho look. So, if you want to learn how to choose bohemian clothing, keep reading this article.

Shirt and Dress: Styling Tips for Boho Chic Look

For those who appreciate long-sleeved shirts, it is possible to roll them up to the forearm. And to add some design to the clothing, choose a garment with a few frills and lace in the right places. Even some bold-colored embroideries would not be too much for the bohemian outfit.

To get through the summer period, for example, the dress or shirt can have a low neckline, with a slight plunge. If the garment has buttons in the front, you can unbutton the first two to add a chic touch to your look. As a final detail on the dress, keep in mind that its length (short or long) doesn't matter much.

The Colorful Printed Skirt

10 Essential Clothing Pieces for Nailing the Bohemian Chic Look

The 70s spirit is still trendy with nature-inspired prints such as foliage or floral patterns. For more ethnic motifs, choose folklore or tribal prints like Aztec, Navajo, or wax. The outfits are usually in rustic tones, with a mix of green, pastel, and burgundy. It's a blend of colors that showcases the beauty of a summer countryside. As mentioned earlier, the cuts are loose to create comfort, and the lengths vary. Finding your bohemian women's clothing won't be a problem. Skirts can be above or below the knees, mid-calf, or ankle-length. For those who are more daring, a slightly transparent fabric can be an option.

The Poncho or the Kimono: Choosing the Perfect Boho Chic Garment

When the cold weather arrives, the poncho (or kimono) becomes a staple in the bohemian wardrobe. This practical boho garment allows women to drape themselves and stay warm. To accentuate a slim waist, it is permissible to wear a belt.

When wearing a kimono or poncho, it is imperative to showcase your legs. For this, it would be ideal to wear a small pair of shorts and leave your legs bare. Some may also opt for slim pants, which is not excluded. However, it is absolutely necessary to avoid wearing a skirt or flared pants under the kimono.

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