Unlocking the Power of Omnichannel Experience: Modes Revolutionizes the Fashion Industry

The well-known Italian fashion store Stefaniamode is changing its name to Modes as part of its vision to expand internationally. The company aims to open a new store in a European capital and increase its brand recognition. With its omnichannel approach, Modes has achieved a revenue of approximately 121 million euros. These reforms mark a significant step towards innovation for the brand.

Stefanimode's Migration to Modes

The Italian fashion store is undergoing a rebranding and will now be known as Modes. The company is also changing its visual identity in order to be more competitive in foreign markets. With a more international name, Modes has updated its logo and made other changes to meet the challenge of internationalization. To achieve its goals, Modes has appointed a new management team and hired dedicated professional stylists.
In addition to these administrative changes, Modes is expanding its online presence, which currently accounts for around 65-70% of its customer base. The company also plans to open new stores in major European cities, in addition to its existing physical stores and online boutique.

The future of the brand in e-commerce

The brand is taking a new direction with its online store. New guidelines have been set by Aldo Carpinteri, creator of Modes, for this new phase of growth for the company. However, government regulations are impacting logistics, which is affecting the results of online commerce and limiting the company's goals with this channel. Nevertheless, the company's omnichannel experience allows it to catch up and achieve excellent revenue. As for raw materials, e-commerce has led to a strong preference for sportswear. The company is taking advantage of this opportunity to balance its portfolio.

Modes' Pricing Policy

Unlocking the Power of Omnichannel Experience: Modes Revolutionizes the Fashion Industry

To ensure a good turnover with these online stores, the brand offers promotions by opting for impactful and convincing marketing offers. Most of the time, they offer a 20% discount on certain products from the spring-summer collections. This is a powerful marketing argument that delivers very good results.

China as a reference

Aldo Carpinteri, the spokesperson for Hermès, has announced that the brand's sales are expected to improve once stores reopen in China. Despite a decline in sales due to store closures in the Asian market, Hermès is optimistic about the potential for increased revenue when its largest market resumes operations.

The reopening of stores

By using both online and offline stores, the brand continues to satisfy its customers despite the closure of physical stores. It has made new arrangements for the reopening of stores and aims to provide a more fulfilling experience for its customers. For the store restart, the brand plans to organize events with other brands to meet customer satisfaction in accordance with current regulations. Additionally, new services such as click and collect, personal shopper assistance, home try-on for VIP customers, and same-day delivery will be implemented.

Upcoming brand projects

Aldo Carpinteri's brand, Balenciage, is planning to open its new store in Forte Dei Marmi, Italy. The store will feature a wide range of products for both men and women, including accessories. In addition, the brand has recently acquired the multi-brand store, Donne Cagliari. Aldo Carpinteri has several other projects in the pipeline that will be launched in the coming months.

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