The Perfect Back-to-School Bag: A Guide to Choosing the Ideal Backpack for Women and Men

What backpack to choose for back-to-school?

Backpacks, school bags, wheeled trolleys...the choices are plentiful on e-commerce websites and in stores as the back-to-school season approaches. While children have the right to choose their own backpack, it is important for parents to ensure that it meets their needs. According to the Ministry of National Education, the weight of a school backpack should not exceed 8.5 kg. Therefore, in order to allow your children to go to school with this accessory throughout the year without experiencing back or neck problems, it is crucial to choose their backpack wisely.

Why choosing the right backpack is important for your children

The Perfect Back-to-School Bag: A Guide to Choosing the Ideal Backpack for Women and Men

Buying a backpack for children is essential for carrying important accessories to school every day. Books, notebooks, pencil case, snack... having their own backpack to go to class allows your young child to experience the pleasure of being like those in higher grades. For them, it's best to choose a lightweight, easy-to-carry bag that fits the child's size. Because for a 4-year-old child, a bag that doesn't hold and has no support is really not worthwhile.
For those in middle school, there's no need to choose a heavy or overly imposing bag for them. You can, for example, choose from the thousands of backpacks available on the market, such as the Estapak backpack for middle school. This brand has been recognized as the best brand in this field since its creation. Its products are lightweight, simple, and attractively priced.
In any case, at retail outlets, you will find all types of bags for children and adults. Each manufacturer tries to address the issues of their customers, namely: the production of sturdy bags that don't hurt the back and are also easy to carry.

Choosing the Perfect Backpack for Back-to-School: Key Factors to Consider

It has been emphasized that choosing a backpack based on the child's body type is important. This allows the child to easily carry their belongings without straining their neck. It is also recommended to choose a backpack with two padded and wide straps for comfortable walking. Avoid adjusting the straps too long, as the backpack should ideally be 5 cm below the user's waist to prevent excessive curvature of the back. For more detailed information on this topic, you can visit Doctissimo, the most well-known French website in the field of health.

The significance of external pockets on backpacks

When choosing a backpack for back-to-school, it's important to consider the exterior pockets. These pockets help distribute the weight of the belongings, ensuring a balanced load for the child. Another important feature to look for is the handle. Some backpack models have a handle on the top, allowing the child to lift the bag without bending over and thus reducing strain on the back.

Lastly, there are backpacks with wheels, which can be a good option for children. With these backpacks, the child has the choice to rest their back and move the bag using the wheels. However, it's important to choose a model that also has shoulder straps. These straps allow the child to carry the backpack on their back when going up and down stairs.

Overall, when selecting a backpack for the new school year, it's crucial to consider factors such as exterior pockets, handles, and the option of wheels while ensuring the backpack also has shoulder straps for added convenience and support.

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