Mastering the Art of Wearing and Positioning an Armorial Signet Ring

For many centuries, both men and women have been wearing signet rings, sometimes with different associated symbolism. Some men use them as wedding rings, but others may have an armored signet ring engraved with symbols representing their own family. However, it's important to note that not everyone wears this type of jewelry in the same way. Let's delve into some explanations.

Wearing an Armorial Signet Ring as a Man

The armored signet ring is commonly seen as a ring for men, although women can also wear them and have used them in previous centuries. Typically, a man wears his signet ring on the right ring finger if he is the younger or youngest in his family. Only the eldest has the privilege of wearing it on the left ring finger, next to the wedding band. Many families who value tradition aim to uphold these customs and adhere to these rules. So, if you wish to wear your signet ring in the traditional manner as a man, don't forget these helpful guidelines.

What about wearing a signet ring for women?

Mastering the Art of Wearing and Positioning an Armorial Signet Ring

Women less frequently wear signet rings, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. They often wear them on the right little finger, although practices have varied over time and across different countries. In England, for example, women often prefer to wear their signet rings on the left little finger, a choice also made by some men, including Prince Charles.

The orientation of the signet ring, another significant aspect

It is not enough to know which finger to slide an armored signet ring on. There are also methods to learn how to better orientate your signet ring. Specifically, there are two ways to place the armored signet ring, each with a particular meaning:

In the "baise-main" position, the design is oriented towards the nail. This is a subtle way to openly display one's single status.
In the "bagarre" position, the design faces the person wearing it. Here, it is a way to specify that one is already in a relationship!

To have a signet ring engraved with your family's coat of arms, provide the professional with all the visuals you have in order to give them as much information as possible (images, impressions, high-quality photos, or even another already engraved signet ring).

Additional tips for wearing an armored signet ring

A signet ring can be worn on any finger and its choice depends on several factors such as the country of origin, the person's gender, social status, and genealogical position. It is a symbol of nobility for both men and women and can also hold family significance. Signet rings can serve a utilitarian purpose, such as when signing official documents. They are often worn by descendants of noble families. For a wide selection of signet rings with great family value, explore the signet ring collection from Maison Arthus Bertrand.

To wear on which finger

While traditionally worn on the ring finger of the left hand, a signet ring can also be worn on the right hand. It can be worn on the right ring finger, similar to a wedding band, or on the right pinky finger. The pinky signet ring is popular among both men and women who value family traditions. However, times have changed, and the wearing of an armorial signet ring is now more flexible. It is still a symbol of nobility, but with the evolution of fashion, you can wear a ring with a noble title on any finger you prefer.

The meanings behind the heraldic signet ring

The meaning of an armored signet ring can vary depending on its placement on the finger. Wearing an armored signet ring on the index finger represents power and nobility. Wearing it on the thumb or middle finger is a personal choice for everyone. However, it is important to understand the significance of this ring placement for oneself.

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