Unique Engravings to Make Your Baptism Medal Special

The medal is a highly symbolic piece of jewelry that the baptized person should be able to keep for their entire life. Traditionally, the purchase of the medal is the responsibility of the godfather and godmother, but there are other options as well. To make the medal unique and sentimental, there is nothing like a personalized engraving.

Discover the different engravings that can be done on a baptismal medal.

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Here is everything you need to know about the baptismal medal.

Some symbols of medals and their meanings!

Which font to choose for a baptism medal?

Firstly, it's important to note that there is no specific standard for the font used on a baptism medal. It is purely a matter of personal preference. However, typically, a calligraphic font is often chosen for a girl's baptism medal, while a slightly more discreet font is preferred for a boy's baptism medal.

Engraving the child's date of birth

En gravant la date de naissance sur une médaille de baptême, vous pouvez créer un lien significatif entre le bijou et l'enfant, en immortalisant la date qui le représente le mieux. Cette option est très populaire car la médaille de baptême est un objet personnel et symbolique conçu pour être porté à vie, donc il est important qu'elle soit en parfaite harmonie avec l'enfant. Bien que la gravure de la date de naissance ne soit pas la tradition la plus courante, il est important de noter que les coutumes entourant les médailles de baptême sont flexibles et permettent une grande liberté de choix. La décision finale revient à la personne qui offre la médaille, en tenant compte de l'avis des parents.

Engraving the child's baptism date

Unique Engravings to Make Your Baptism Medal Special

Engravings on baptism medals hold great significance and can make the piece truly unique. The most traditional and recommended option by the Church is to engrave the date of the baptism. Symbolically, this represents the child's entrance into the Christian faith, making it a meaningful choice.

Aside from its symbolic value, engraving the baptism date also serves a practical purpose. While the child will always remember their birth date, they may not always recall their baptism date. Therefore, engraving the date on the medal ensures that it will be remembered and cherished throughout their life.

If the medal is large enough, it can be even more interesting to engrave both the birth and baptism dates. This way, the child will have a tangible reminder of both significant events in their life.

Overall, engraving the date of baptism on a medal is a timeless tradition that adds a personal touch and holds deep meaning for both the child and their family.

- "Engraving the child's name

Engraving the child's name on the baptismal medal is an excellent way to immortalize the event. Beyond the symbolic and sentimental aspect of engraving the name, it would also make it much easier to find the medal if it were to be lost.
However, before choosing this type of inscription, it is important to consider the size of the name. If the name is short, it will be very easy to engrave it on the medal. However, if the name is longer, things may be a bit more complicated.
In this case, you have two choices: shorten the name by using a nickname or simply use a smaller font, which will require more delicate work and therefore be a bit more expensive.
Source: Pixabay.

- "Engraving a small message

Finally, engraving a few meaningful words on the baptismal medal can be an excellent way to convey a beautiful message to the baptized child. However, it is important to keep in mind that a medal is typically less than 20 mm in diameter. Therefore, it is advisable not to exceed 25 characters, including spaces, to avoid reducing the font size too much. If the medal is too small and you do not have enough space to write the desired phrase, it is perfectly possible to inscribe a symbol. When the child is old enough to understand, you can explain the meaning to them.

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