Mastering the Art of Choosing and Wearing Jewelry: A Comprehensive Guide for both Men and Women

The jewelry plays a crucial role in enhancing the value and splendor of the wearer. When properly matched with clothing and the individual's physical profile, it magnifies their beauty. This article provides foolproof tips on the art of wearing these accessories.

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Key criteria for successfully choosing your jewelry

Mastering the Art of Choosing and Wearing Jewelry: A Comprehensive Guide for both Men and Women

When it comes to women's fashion, jewelry is an essential accessory. It can enhance and style any look. However, choosing the right jewelry is crucial, taking into consideration one's skin tone and hair color. For individuals with brunette hair, yellow gold is a perfect choice. As for gemstones, one should opt for ruby, pastel turquoise, or amethyst. Women with chestnut or red hair can also go for yellow gold with amber stone. Blonde individuals or those with fair, rosy skin can favor white gold or silver jewelry.

The shape and size of jewelry should be chosen to complement one's silhouette. For women with broader shoulders than hips, long necklaces that hang above the chest are recommended. Conversely, those with an A-shaped figure (hips wider than shoulders) should opt for larger statement necklaces and bulky pendants. Flatter necklaces work well for individuals with a fuller bust, as they avoid adding volume to the chest area. As for uniform or X-shaped body types (shoulders aligned with hips), the choice is more versatile. If one has a curvier figure, flat jewelry pieces that sit close to the skin help create a more streamlined look.

How to Wear Jewelry Properly: The Golden Rules

It's not necessary for a woman to wear all her jewelry at once. The second rule for wearing unique jewelry is to avoid matching sets, as they lack surprise. It's also important to consider the type of necklace and the clothing it will be worn with. For example, on a solid surface, short necklaces and statement pieces are preferred. With loose, boyfriend-style clothing, jewelry that follows the garment's line should be chosen.

For those who are afraid of making a fashion faux pas, it is recommended to opt for standard jewelry that can be worn with any outfit. This includes cocktail rings, diamond necklaces, and bangles. To coordinate jewelry pieces, focus on colors and shapes that complement each other, such as a bracelet and a ring in the same color. In any case, it is highly advisable to visit a boutique like Bijouterie Strasbourg for more advice.

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