Discover the Hottest Men's Hairstyles for 2020

What haircut to choose for men in 2020?

Men in modern times are becoming increasingly concerned about their appearance and hairstyle. We can see hundreds of men sporting quirky haircuts that have their own charm. But how can one choose the perfect hairstyle for men?

Choosing the right haircut is essential for men to enhance their appearance. Haircuts for short or long hair should be chosen based on certain criteria. Each man has his own preference when it comes to trendy hairstyles. However, there are essential factors to consider before choosing a trendy haircut for men, such as facial morphology, age, hair type, personality, and the desired length and style of the haircut. These criteria play a significant role in determining the most suitable hairstyle for each individual. It is important to gather ideas for haircuts that are best suited to one's hair type before visiting a hair salon. Not all haircut ideas work well with every face shape, so it is necessary to study which haircut will suit a particular face shape.

What Hairstyle suits an Oval-faced Man?

Discover the Hottest Men's Hairstyles for 2020

If a man is lucky enough to have an oval face, he can easily find the perfect haircut. An oval face goes well with any haircut, whether it's a short hairstyle or another hairstyle for men. However, it is important to consider certain rules, as a haircut suitable for an oval face should also correlate with other factors, such as the beard, and the desired look. Here are some examples of hairstyles for men with oval faces:

- Boyish look: straight bangs and a bowl cut.
- Masculine look: a voluminous hairstyle on the top of the head, paired with a well-groomed beard.
- Casual look: a short hairstyle with varying lengths or curls.

Overall, an oval-faced man can rock any haircut and hairstyle trend for men with short hair. It's all about finding the right style that suits your preferences and complements your facial features. Remember to consider the overall look and grooming aspects, such as the beard, to achieve a cohesive and stylish appearance.

What haircut suits an elongated face?

Finding the right haircut for an elongated face can be challenging. First, you need to recognize this face shape. Before choosing a suitable haircut for an elongated face, it is important to know the characteristics of this morphology:

- Broad forehead.
- Thin chin.
- Fine features.
- Wider head shape.

If you have an elongated face, it is not recommended to go for a short haircut for men. The goal is to shorten this shape as much as possible rather than elongating it further. Therefore, a new medium-length haircut is recommended. This involves styling men's hair with medium-length hair, along with bangs or a fringe at the front. Regardless of the man's hair type or hairstyle, a fringe should be incorporated into the new haircut to avoid accentuating the elongation of the face. So, the ideal haircut for an elongated face is the famous wavy medium-length haircut with intentionally messy lengths, loose curls, and added volume.

Furthermore, it is also important to know which haircuts to avoid:

- Haircuts for short hair.
- Overly structured haircuts for an elongated face.
- Hairstyles with a rigid look for an elongated face.
- Haircuts for men that emphasize the elongated features.

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