The Essential Role of Woven Clothing Labels in Launching a Creative Fashion Brand - Women's and Men's Fashion Blog

While some pictograms may be optional, the clothing label, whether woven or printed, is mandatory for all textiles sold in France. This label must mention at least the percentage of each material used in the garment and its composition. Regardless of your industry sector (such as high-end ready-to-wear), woven labels enhance your creations. They can be sewn onto fabric or leather garments. In truth, a personalized woven clothing label is not a detail of the finishing touches or the image you want to convey for your brand. However, they offer undeniable advantages!

Woven Labels

The Essential Role of Woven Clothing Labels in Launching a Creative Fashion Brand - Women's and Men's Fashion Blog

Woven labels are the most well-known type of labels for clothing. They have a long history that is closely tied to the industrialization of clothing. Woven labels are made using Jacquard looms and are actually the oldest type of labels. If you are looking to order woven labels for your designer clothing brand, you should prioritize quality, flexibility, and tradition.

Woven labels offer a wide range of possibilities for designers who want to use them on their garments. They allow for original and polished finishes. For example, you can choose to have laser-cut labels to give them a unique shape. You can also add shiny metallic thread (such as Lurex) to make your label stand out and differentiate it from your competitors.

There are various qualities of woven labels available to meet your specific needs, including cotton, high definition, extra high definition, satin, and taffeta. Additionally, you can opt for natural linen woven labels, which have a pleasant touch.

When it comes to the presentation of your label, there are numerous options available to you, such as folded, die-cut, heat-seal, adhesive, or ribbon labels.

The Role of Heat-Adhesive Woven Labels in Launching a Fashion Brand

Are you looking to label your clothes but don't know how to sew? Are you a young designer who wants to showcase your brand on your creations? Are you an employer who wants to personalize your employees' clothing with your company logo? In all these cases, heat transfer labels are the perfect solution. They allow you to easily label your items in no time.

Heat transfer labels are applied to your garments using a hot iron. In practice, you can choose a small and fun logo that can be easily identifiable, especially for children. It's worth noting that these labels can be applied to different types of fabrics. Heat transfer labels can be used by both individuals and professionals.

These labels can match the various colors of a brand. If you're a designer, it's essential that your logo and brand make their appearance on the clothes or accessories you distribute. With heat transfer labels, applying them is a breeze and doesn't require any sewing.

Employees can be easily recognized by customers if they wear uniforms with the company emblem. This creates a sense of team spirit within the company. Personalizing their clothing is simple and quick.

When you have multiple children, heat transfer labels help you label all their clothes without spending too much time. They can also be used to identify the laundry of someone you live with in a communal setting.

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