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Say goodbye to summer and welcome the colder seasons of the year. To brave the seasonal chills, there's nothing like finding inspiration among the fall trends. Whether you love them or not, one trend that is impossible to ignore this fall-winter season is the skirt. Far from being reserved for the summer wardrobe, the skirt is the common thread in iconic fall-winter looks. But not just any skirt! This season, the skirt is adorned with a detail that makes all the difference: draping. This significant detail enhances all body types and is a must-have on every shopping list. Let's take a closer look at some tips to rock this fashion gem.

Which draped skirt to choose for a killer look?

From runways to social media influencers' stories to online stores, draped skirts are everywhere. These skirts are the epitome of glamour and sexiness, and there are plenty of options to choose from. You can find midi draped skirts, ruffled skirts, asymmetrical draped skirts, wrap-style long draped skirts, high-waisted belted draped skirts, pencil draped skirts, and even trompe l'oeil draped skirts that resemble shorts. These skirts come in various fabrics like silk, cotton, washed-out denim, or luxurious materials like leather, adorned with seasonal patterns. They can be lightweight like satin, solid-colored or bi-material, form-fitting or long and flowing. These chic and sexy designs cater to every desire. The draped skirt is versatile, suiting all body shapes and appealing to both teenagers in their twenties and older women.

Tips to enhance body shapes with a draped skirt

Draped Skirt: The Must-Have Piece Making Waves - Women's and Men's Fashion Blog

The draped skirt is a versatile piece that can be styled in various ways to create a desirable and trendy silhouette. Pair it with the season's must-haves, such as knee-high boots, to add a unique touch to your outfit and break away from the casual or chic style of the draped skirt. Experiment with different patterns and colors by incorporating patterned sweaters or cardigans to brighten up your look and defy the gloomy weather. Don't forget to keep warm by wearing fancy patterned tights. For an effortless look, try combining the draped skirt with a t-shirt, loose cardigan, and sneakers under a coat. You can also dress it up by wearing a stylish shirt, heels, blazer, or trench coat for a casual yet chic ensemble. The draped skirt is a versatile piece that can cater to your classic, glamorous, and sensual style preferences.

What accessories to pair with a draped skirt?

Categorized as fashion essentials, accessories have that certain something that enhances your draped skirt. From faux fur bags to beanies, don't forget the balaclava that is making a noticeable comeback in the fashion sphere. To amp up your outfit with a cool touch, the scarf continues its rise this season. Whether worn on the wrist, tied to your crossbody bag or tote bag, worn as a belt or simply in your hair, don't leave home without your scarf. The only thing left is hand accessories to master the style codes: the must-have knitted fingerless gloves of course. After the back-to-school season, accessories are revealing themselves day by day to help you enhance your draped skirt. More than just trends, these accessories have the power to make you dream.

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