Unlocking the Secrets of Men's Style: Mastering the Perfecto Jacket

The perfecto, a black leather jacket, has been a staple in the biker's wardrobe since the 1970s. It was associated with the "bad boy" look, but it has evolved over the years. Today, both young and older men can be seen wearing the perfecto to achieve a stylish and casual look. In this article, we will explore the different options available when it comes to wearing your perfecto jacket.

Stay on-trend with a men's perfecto jacket

Unlocking the Secrets of Men's Style: Mastering the Perfecto Jacket

The perfecto jacket has become a must-have fashion item for men, just like the little black dress is for women. It is often seen in fashion shows and has gained popularity among fashion bloggers for its ability to elevate a casual look. However, it's important to stray away from the stereotypical leather-on-leather look often depicted in men's fashion magazines. Instead, try pairing the perfecto jacket with white sneakers and tailored trousers for a casual chic look. Adding pops of color can also help achieve a more relaxed vibe. For a classic touch, consider wearing a white shirt with a tie or bowtie. Of course, it's essential to take into account your body shape when choosing the perfecto jacket. Opt for a black leather jacket with a straight cut and zip closure for a timeless and avant-garde look. Avoid faux leather and brown leather if you're aiming for a classic style. Motorcycle-style or bomber jackets are not suitable for a classic look.

Wearing a Perfecto Jacket with Classy Style

To achieve a stylish outfit, it is important to follow certain codes that govern a classic look and personalize certain pieces. In this regard, the perfecto, which is one of the most appreciated jackets for men, is no exception to this rule. When worn in the right size and taking into account the personality of the wearer, it looks great.

However, it is necessary to follow some advice in order to wear a men's perfecto jacket well and achieve a classy look. These include:

- Pairing the leather jacket with a tailored suit pants.
- Wearing a fitted white shirt underneath the perfecto and tucking it into the pants.
- Wearing dress shoes.
- Adding a dark-colored bow tie, such as black, to the outfit.
- Opting for a dark-colored tie as well.
- Wearing sunglasses with your perfecto for a more rock-inspired look.
- Opting for visible dress socks.
- Wearing a hoodie underneath your perfecto for a more casual style.

With these different elements, you can wear a black leather perfecto jacket, unzipped, which will shape the silhouette of the wearer. Thus, the perfecto jacket is an excellent alternative to the commonly known tailored blazer. To avoid looking too cliché with a suit and tie style, considering wearing a perfecto jacket can give you an elegant, classy, and fashionable look.

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