Mastering Jersey Sewing: Insider Tips and Tricks

The jersey fabric is extremely versatile and can be worn in any season. It is especially beneficial for those who are new to sewing or passionate about sewing without any difficulties. The stretchy nature of jersey fabric allows it to naturally conform to your body, making sewing and alterations much easier and less time-consuming.

Jersey Sewing: Fewer Finishes and Alterations

Mastering Jersey Sewing: Insider Tips and Tricks

Don't panic, sewing jersey fabric is very easy. In this article, we will review the main tips and tricks for sewing this shiny fabric. You don't need a skilled craftsman to have fun with this comfortable and beautiful fabric. And the joy of sewing with jersey doesn't stop there. Forget about spending long hours zigzagging seam allowances. The fabric won't fray! So, there is minimal sewing required to have a gorgeous garment. Elastic stitches are essential to give stretch to your seams. If you use a regular straight stitch to sew stretchy fabrics, the fabric won't stretch anymore or the thread will break when you try to put on the garment. Elastic stitches vary from one machine to another, but the most common ones are zigzag stitches, stretch stitches, or triple straight stitches. Fast fashion is a sewing miracle, and it suits us perfectly, bringing us joy when we wear it.

Jersey Sewing: Various Tips and Tricks

Before starting your sewing project, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with your sewing machine and its operation. Simply follow the following instructions to successfully sew your first garment:

- Use a ballpoint needle for jersey fabric to prevent it from becoming fragile. If you notice that the machine is skipping stitches, it often means that the needle is not suitable.

- Use the stretch stitch on your sewing machine. By simply sewing two stitches forward and one backward, this stitch allows you to sew elastic stitches. The positive side is that the seam does not crack when you make wide and powerful movements. This is considered an essential quality of a garment, even if you are not a fashion specialist. Before starting to sew your favorite fabric, do some tests. You may need to adjust the tension of your thread, especially if the seam is slightly gathered.

- Most sewing machines offer the option of sewing with a twin needle. This option is perfect for creating professional-looking hems. To do this, you will need a twin needle and your machine's manual. However, the threading and tension adjustment may vary depending on the machine.

- Pay attention to the direction of the fabric. Jersey fabric has a front and back side. There won't be any difference in regular jersey fabric during sewing, but once the garment is finished, you will see the difference in texture. The right side of your fabric is indicated by a "V" column, and the wrong side has ripples.

- If your fabric tends to curl and is difficult to handle, do not wash it before starting sewing. Pre-washing can cause it to curl even more. This can cause your fabric to shrink after washing. However, the elasticity of jersey fabric allows it to naturally relax.

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