Level up your style with these 4 must-haves for the ultimate e-girl look

The term e-girl refers to a new generation of trendsetting girls who are avid internet users and have a strong affinity for the gaming world. Initially, the term e-girl was not well received as it was associated with derogatory remarks towards women online. However, over time, e-girls gained more popularity and their style became a trend among young girls who are passionate about gaming and the online world. So, how can one embrace the current e-girl look?

A personalized 'e-girl' t-shirt

One of the essential elements of the e-girl look is a personalized t-shirt. Wearing a personalized t-shirt is imperative to complete the e-girl style. There is a variety of preferred motifs, such as logos of well-known consumer brands, illustrations of famous personalities, or names of recognized or lesser-known music groups. The key principle of this type of t-shirt is to add style to the wearer while maintaining the oversized, short-sleeved e-girl aesthetic.

The must-have hair accessories

The hairstyle is a highly important element of the e-girl look. What sets this style apart is not only the cute aspect of the hairstyle, but also the various hair accessories used. In general, the goal is to resemble the hairstyles of female characters in Japanese anime or manga.

E-girl enthusiasts may choose, among other options, pigtails with long strands framing the face. This is a classic hairstyle for this look. However, leaving the hair down is also an interesting idea. As for accessories, popular choices include scrunchies, bows, hair clips, and even beanies. These accessories also help achieve a geek-inspired hairstyle.

The e-girl makeup

Level up your style with these 4 must-haves for the ultimate e-girl look

The e-girl look goes beyond clothing and hairstyles. A successful e-girl makeup is also essential. The key tool for achieving this look is black eyeliner, whether in liquid or pen form. The eyeliner is used to outline the eyes with a longer or shorter stroke. Another characteristic element of the e-girl look is the two small hearts drawn under the eyes (one under each eye).

For the rest of the face, e-girl style allows for almost anything: bold or subtle lipstick, eyeshadow with vibrant shades or hints of color for a more natural look. In any case, the goal is to resemble manga and video game characters.

E-girl makeup is a must for makeup tutorial enthusiasts. The foundation of this look is, of course, black eyeliner. It should be applied in liquid or pen form to accentuate the eyes. To complete the e-girl look, two small hearts are drawn under the eyes. Vibrant lipstick and eyeshadow with bold colors can also be added for a manga-inspired effect. E-girl makeup fans can also opt for a more subtle approach, using natural color tones in their tutorials.

Achieving the Perfect Hair Color for an E-Girl Look

In order to fully embrace the e-girl look, it is essential to sport a hair color that stands out from the ordinary. E-girls have a wide range of colors to choose from and can confidently rock vibrant and unique shades.

Adding these bold hair colors will enhance the overall e-girl aesthetic. You can opt for a pink, purple, blue, or even green hair color if you want to fully embrace the e-girl look. These daring colors will give your look an extra touch of character.

However, if you prefer a more subtle approach while still staying true to the e-girl style, you can also choose natural hair colors that complement your egirlmakeup tutorial. This way, you can maintain a certain level of discretion while still embracing the e-girl vibes.

E-girl style requires false eyelashes, vibrant makeup, and a bold lipstick. Complete the look with black nail polish, bleached front strands, a mini skirt, fishnet stockings, a long-sleeved striped shirt under a short-sleeved t-shirt, and a pair of boots. To achieve the 2000s vintage look and stand out on Instagram or TikTok, pay attention to your outfit choice.

Tips for Creating an Ultra-Trendy E-Girl Look

The e-girl fashion style stands out from other clothing styles and looks because it aims to attract attention. This trend may not appeal to everyone, but the most important thing is for the woman wearing it to feel like herself.

To create the perfect e-girl look, it is important to focus on:

- Attributes
- Hairstyles and hair accessories
- Abundant makeup
- Essential pieces

To achieve the e-girl style, it is advisable to draw inspiration from fashion on Instagram or TikTok. Combining elements such as skirts, dresses, pants, bags, and hair accessories is key to bringing out the e-girl style in a woman. As a fashion tip, it is recommended to embrace the current e-girl trend and follow the dressing codes associated with it in France.

Some suggestions to incorporate the e-girl style into your wardrobe include:

- Trying out pairs of tights and sneakers that can be paired with a chunky chain belt. This adds attitude to your outfit.
- Embracing a quirky style with oversized clothing, giving you an eccentric and electronic look. Consider wearing a striped long-sleeve shirt along with a cool and chic t-shirt.

Choosing the right patterns for your clothes is also important. You can showcase any pattern that represents your culture or the e-girl style. This could include characters from manga and video games or characters from dance choreographies set to music.

Tights are essential pieces in an e-girl style. Learn how to wear them carefully under a pink dress or a short, pleated pink skirt. You can also wear white socks under a pink dress or skirt. Explore specialized stores that offer e-girl looks. Some shops have a collection of white t-shirts featuring video game or manga characters.

Pants also have a place in achieving a girly or casual look. You can create a classic style with black pants for a working girl look. It is up to each girl to choose the e-girl fashion style that suits her. If you're unsure, closely follow e-girl fashion on TikTok or Instagram. You'll see that this style makes a statement. Just make sure to have the right basics, such as a jacket and jeans, pink hair color, black pants with long socks, or the essential pieces for a classic look.

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