Manteau vs. Blouson: The Ultimate Guide to Men's Outerwear

Just like for women, choosing clothing is not so simple for men. They have to take into account several criteria such as their mood, preferences, size, and especially market trends. Although a jacket is not the same as a coat, you can still wear both for various occasions. Fashion enthusiasts tend to recommend buying both a men's coat and a jacket, as they are two different pieces that are not worn in the same way. However, if you had to make a choice, which one would you choose?

The coat is known for its sophistication, elegance, and timeless appeal

If you opt for a knee-length coat, it should have a slim fit to accentuate your waist. Straight versions may not flatter you as much and can be difficult to wear. A coat, whether buttoned or zippered, is a safe choice.

Choose a coat with a high collar, possibly with a removable lining, so that you can wear it for longer, especially during the transitional seasons. The color should be versatile, with dark blue, brown, or black being essential shades.

A 3/4 coat is quite versatile as it goes well with suits, jeans, cargo pants, and even casual outfits. Whether for work or personal wear, a men's coat has a real advantage as it is versatile. It is often considered a true chameleon, adapting to all profiles and situations.

If you need outfit inspiration, you can pair the coat with polished leather boots, preferably slim jeans to enhance your silhouette, and a long-sleeved polo or a fitted shirt with a waistcoat. A bow tie is also a safe choice, and for a more modern look, consider a wooden one.

The jacket is also a safe bet

Manteau vs. Blouson: The Ultimate Guide to Men's Outerwear

Unlike a coat, a jacket is slightly shorter, stopping at the hips. It can have a casual, streetwear, or relatively versatile style. If you're looking for a safe option, go for a wool jacket with a removable collar, similar to an aviator jacket. It pairs well with jeans, but may not be suitable for a suit, for example. This is an important limitation to consider. For a trendy casual look, we recommend a checked jacket with a faux shearling collar. It looks great with dark jeans and high-top sneakers, for instance.

As you can see, jackets often have a casual connotation, but they can be worn with more elegant pieces as well. Just choose a dark version that will go with anything. If you want a jacket that can accompany you throughout your daily activities, opt for a water-repellent ski jacket with a hood. It will be perfect if you're a mountain enthusiast.

What is the price range for men's coats and jackets?

The first option is more expensive, with prices starting at over 100 euros for a high-quality piece that will enhance your silhouette. On the other hand, the men's jacket is a more affordable option, with some styles available for less than 70 euros. There are several recommended men's boutiques that offer timeless pieces that also align with current trends. One such boutique is Jules, which has a wide selection of jackets and coats.

For a practical option, we recommend a water-repellent ski jacket with a hood priced at 90 euros.
For a more elegant look, consider a 3/4 length wool coat priced at 130 euros.
A checked jacket priced at 100 euros would also be a perfect choice.

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