Step up Your Style Game: How to Be Elegant and Chic with Sandals

It's hot, really hot! The scorching heat is here and the heatwave didn't wait for the peak of summer to arrive. While there are plenty of tricks to cool down, it's important to focus on a lightweight wardrobe. Flowy clothes, natural fabrics, and airy cuts are essential, but nothing beats a summer staple: sandals. They allow your feet to breathe and are a must-have for staying stylish. This season, there are plenty of glamorous sandal options that can withstand the heat while still being girly.

Stunning Sandal Styles

Step up Your Style Game: How to Be Elegant and Chic with Sandals

Comfortable and airy, women's sandals are a must-have. Whether in the city, at the office, out and about, or shopping, accessorizing with the right sandals can elevate your look.

This season, platform sandals, mules, and dad sandals are making a comeback. They are perfect for giving your legs a nice shape, naturally elongating your silhouette, and providing optimal comfort. However, they are not the only options that are on-trend. Rope sandals, strappy sandals with or without heels, are also essential. With intertwined straps and Roman-style cordage, they bring a touch of originality, especially in bright yellow or with a renewed heel. These are perfect for a bohemian chic look. We can also count on buckle sandals, flat or open-toe, as well as embellished sandals. In an upcycled fashion, jewelry is incorporated into the sandals, a trend that is unanimously embraced by the fashion-sphere. The perfect combination of foot jewelry and summer sandals. Claw-shaped jewels and mini studs around the sole, rhinestones, pearls, and other gems offer a wide range of choices to adorn the feet with the most beautiful sandals.

- Tips for rocking sandals with style

Beautiful, comfortable, and essential for the season, sandal styles also have the undeniable advantage of being able to go with any outfit. They are the ultimate chameleon shoe. Whether flat, heeled, platform, or with a serrated sole, plain or adorned with jewels, flashy or classic, sandals add a touch of femininity to any outfit. From formal attire to jeans, shorts, sarongs, jumpsuits, flowy dresses, long skirts, or even pants, they can be paired with anything. So, there's no hesitation to have - the only fashion faux-pas with sandals is not taking care of your pedicure. Of course! With the exception of a few sandal styles, they are open shoes. It's only normal to get rid of dead skin on the heels, trim your toenails, moisturize the skin, paint your toenails with a pretty polish, and take care of your feet overall. This is especially important during hot weather when the skin tends to dry out, crack, and nails can break or split.

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