10 Essential Tips for Creating the Perfect Nursery for Your New Arrival

Before even uttering their first cry, the child is already at the center of attention. The preparation of their room is an important act that combines both material and emotional aspects. Through the choice of furniture, colors, and arrangement of each element, parents unknowingly or intentionally convey a part of their expectations and feelings to the unborn child. Without pressure but with awareness, organize your baby's room to your taste on Bébé Canaille and create the ambiance you desire.

The Room Selection: A Quiet and Well-Thermally Insulated Space

When choosing a room for your baby's nursery, it's important to consider a few factors. Ideally, the room should have windows that can be completely covered with curtains or blinds, good insulation, and adjustable temperature control to maintain a comfortable temperature of around 18°C throughout the year. It's also preferable for the room to face a quiet street or garden and not be adjacent to noisy or frequently used areas like the kitchen or bathroom. Additionally, the room should be easily accessible for a young child, preferably on the ground floor with no stairs or multiple doors to pass through.

Furniture to consider for the baby's room

10 Essential Tips for Creating the Perfect Nursery for Your New Arrival

What are the essential furniture items to have in a baby's room? The most obvious answer, the bed, is not as straightforward. Many new parents prefer to sleep with their baby in the parent's room for the first few months. But you can still add a co-sleeping crib next to your bed for nights and have the baby sleep in their own room for naps. A good baby bed should have adjustable height, sturdy and spaced bars, and a new or in very good condition mattress.

Should you have a changing table in the room? It's up to you and your organization. Since the room is usually at a comfortable temperature, it is a suitable place for daily diaper changes. By choosing a complete changing table, you can store baby's clothes, sheets, diapers, and toys. An additional wardrobe or small closet can also be useful.

Finally, for breastfeeding or bottle-feeding at night and rocking the baby, a rocking chair is very comfortable. Add a nursing pillow, a blanket, and a pillow for your head: you will spend timeless moments cuddling your child.

Do you need a thermometer, a humidifier, or a fan?

Monitoring the temperature and humidity of the baby's room can be done using tools or by relying on one's own senses and careful observation of the child. While heating is necessary in most regions of France, the use of a fan should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and never directed towards the baby's bed. To improve the humidity level in the room, regular ventilation and drying laundry in the room can be helpful if the air is dry.

Get all your preparations done before the baby arrives

Take care of everything that needs to be done before the baby is born, such as painting the walls, assembling furniture, adding electrical outlets, or installing curtain rods. This is important because you won't have time to do it afterwards, and it will also prevent the spread of plastic residue, paint, or other substances in the air. Once the room is finished, make sure to ventilate it thoroughly until there is no more odor.
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