Creating a Harmonious Home: The Ultimate Guide to Feng Shui Interior Design

Are you drawn to the concept of positive energy and the philosophy of Feng Shui? Follow this guide to create a Feng Shui-inspired interior that will enhance your home and transform your life!

Lightness, brightness, and cleanliness

These three 'té' are the basic principles of Feng Shui. Opening up your living space to different energy flows is important for enhancing your career, creativity, and love life. To achieve this, you should avoid cluttered and disorganized rooms that are poorly ventilated and dusty. Dark rooms, isolated corners, and blocked openings should also be avoided. Light is considered vital, dynamic, and fertile in Feng Shui, and it is essential for recharging your energy in an ideal living space. A typical room in the spirit of Feng Shui would adhere to these principles.

Balancing Yin and Yang

Creating a Harmonious Home: The Ultimate Guide to Feng Shui Interior Design

In Chinese tradition, yin and yang are two opposing but complementary natural principles that represent the main vital energies, and their balanced combination is key to the success of a feng shui decor! Yin is associated with cold, soft, dark, and damp elements, while yang is represented by warm, hard, light, and dry objects. Most decorative elements contain characteristics from both sides, making it a challenge to balance yin and yang in a room. However, knowing that textiles like curtains and carpets are yin, while materials like wood and metal, as well as mirrors, are yang, can make it easier!

In this living room, there is a perfect proportion between black and white, and the numerous carpets and cushions are balanced by the presence of a mirror and touches of red. The impact of yang, represented by the wooden floor, black chair backs and table sets, and the pointed leaves of the plants on the terrace, is softened by the white walls, table, sofa, and radiator.

Stay Zen, but be resourceful!

In a Feng Shui decor, accessories are necessary to counteract the negative effects of sharp angles and dark corners on energy flow. Opt for oval or round tables instead of square or rectangular ones, and conceal pointed corners of furniture with a folding screen or a plant. Make sure to place a lamp or a mirror in every corner of your rooms to release the hidden energy. This wooden lamp, with its material and brightness, is perfect for balancing a dark corner dominated by yin energy. Lastly, get rid of old or broken objects that clutter your space, as well as withered or unhealthy plants. These lifeless and uninteresting items can discourage positive energies from visiting you.

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