Indulge in Fashion, Beauty, and Shopping Bliss with Gambs!

Looking for ideas and advice for living room lighting? Wondering if it's a good idea to have a bar in your home and how to do it? Or curious about what exactly Scandinavian design is? Look no further than Gambs, a web guide dedicated to lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and shopping!

Want a youthful look? Consider permanent makeup!

Gambs is not only about interior decoration. It also pays close attention to beauty. Did you know, for example, that good permanent makeup can have a rejuvenating effect? In addition to giving you glamorous eyelashes, sparkling eyelids, and well-defined lips, this type of makeup can hide scars, correct asymmetry, and other imperfections, such as sparse eyebrows. And it can do so in a lasting and stable way, thanks to mineral pigments that allow for gentle and skin-friendly dermopigmentation. Of course, Gambs advises to carefully choose products that are mild and protective for the skin.

Face Serum: A Must-Have for Your Skincare Routine!

Indulge in Fashion, Beauty, and Shopping Bliss with Gambs!

Besides properly cleansing the skin with a suitable product based on its type (oily, dry, etc.), another way to rejuvenate the face is to regularly apply serum, which is a concentrated formula designed to hydrate the skin, smooth wrinkles, and/or reduce blemishes.

Natural Recipes? Discover the Beauty of Nature!

There are also homemade recipes using natural products, which can be very satisfying. For example, you can apply a mixture (in equal parts) of honey and lemon on your face to "tighten" the pores. More on!

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