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Future bride or groom, you have chosen to celebrate your love with a secular ceremony. Originating from the United States, this trendy concept is increasingly popular among couples. Venue, music, exchange of rings, involvement of loved ones... you've thought of everything! But have you considered incorporating rituals? In addition to adding rhythm to the ceremony, they bring great symbolic and emotional value to your union. Customizable, they can be adapted to your tastes and traditions. It's up to you to imagine the rituals that reflect who you are! Need inspiration? Here are 10 rituals to consider for your secular ceremony.

Traditional rituals

Conventional doesn't necessarily mean old-fashioned: here are 3 simple and romantic ideas that you can customize to your liking!

Using sand: a classic ritual in engagement ceremonies, the sand ritual is simple yet very symbolic. The couple has sand of two different colors. At the same time or one after the other, they pour the sand into a large vase. The two colors mixed together represent the merging of two individuals, who are now bonded for life. It's a beautiful idea for your wedding photos. It also allows you to include children or parents to symbolize the union of the family: simply add sand of another color.

Sealing a box: this ritual can be personalized in countless ways! Take a beautiful box and put in it objects that hold significance for your relationship: a memento from your wedding, words from your loved ones, a good bottle of wine... During the ceremony, briefly explain (or not) what you have put in the box and close it together. You will rediscover these memories with joy in a few years.

Creating a bouquet: if you have chosen a rustic theme, the bouquet ritual is perfect for you! Distribute a flower to each guest beforehand. The couple starts by placing two flowers side by side. Then, invite each person to add their own flower one by one: just like a couple flourishing with the support of their loved ones, the bouquet becomes more and more impressive and colorful. This makes for beautiful wedding photographs! The bouquet can then be displayed as part of the decoration to be admired throughout the evening.

Unforgettable Unique Rituals for a Memorable Non-Religious Ceremony

10 Unique Rituals for an Unforgettable Non-Religious Ceremony - Fashion Blog for Women and Men

Looking for a unique and memorable celebration that your guests will remember for a long time? Opt for a surprising and charming ritual that reflects your couple's personality.

Change your Facebook status: awaken your inner geek with this 2.0 ritual! It breaks the solemnity of a ceremony and adds a touch of fun. Make your recent union official by changing your relationship status on your respective profiles. You can even involve your guests by asking them to like your new status and take a selfie with them.

Create a cocktail: the idea behind this festive ritual is to make a cocktail inspired by your duo in real-time! Each ingredient chosen should represent a facet of your partner's personality: sugar for sweetness, champagne for elegance, lemon for zest... To share the experience with your guests, prepare the cocktail before the big day and distribute it in small bottles at the desired moment.

Plan trips: if you're fans of travel and adventure, this idea will delight you! For this ritual, a world map is set up in advance. During the ceremony, the witnesses are called upon to pin destinations on the map: the newlyweds then plan their honeymoon based on these locations. The couple can personalize the map before or after the wedding by marking the countries they have already visited or future travel plans.

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The Collective Rituals

What could be more moving than involving your loved ones in this special moment? Here are 3 rituals to include them in the ceremony and share precious moments.

Create a unique guestbook: quotes, personal messages, words of love or little anecdotes... The guestbook is a must-have for weddings. And for good reason, what a pleasure to reread the notes left by our loved ones! Revamp this activity with the ritual of pebbles. To do this, guests must write their wishes on beautiful pebbles. These are then placed in a large container, to be kept as a unique and decorative souvenir of this day.

Release balloons: imagine hundreds of balloons released into the sky at the same time, to the rhythm of your favorite music. Does this idea appeal to you? A true highlight of the day, this ritual does require some organization in advance: inflating the balloons, attaching ribbons, taking care of administrative formalities, planning the music... This poetic activity also works with illuminated lanterns if you want to perform this ritual at night. Enchantment and stunning wedding photos guaranteed!

Warm up the rings: the ring warming (or blessing of the rings) consists of passing the rings among the guests during the ceremony. The goal? For each person to silently express their wishes of happiness and love for the happy couple. The rings then return to the spouses charged with positive energy. Prepare a container to nicely present the rings and avoid losing them during the ritual.

Convinced? You are now ready to organize the most beautiful of ceremonies!

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